1-800 (PRAYERON)

Thoughts during a power outage…

1-800 (PRAYERON)

During church this weekend the preacher told a story about his trip to Hawaii. A story and lesson that seemed to come at the perfect time.

Let’s take a second (and I’ll be honest with you), during the past year I haven’t attended many ‘church services.’ If I have attended them, I’ve attended them ‘lukewarmly’ (not sure if that’s a word or not). Anyways, I haven’t really listened much, and I forgot about my relationship with Jesus. This service opened my eyes…spiritually.

Preacher Joe told the congregation that him and his wife recently went to Maui. He said they saved for months so they could afford the trip, and it became a trip that they will never forget. One day during their trip they decided to take a hike, which he later explained as a ‘drive’ where they would exit the car ever so often and take pictures off of an overlook. During one of their ‘hikes’ out of the car to the overlook, they took their time staring off into the horizon. “It was beautiful, and was worth every penny,” he told us. Joe said they were getting ready to pack up and ‘hike’ to their next stop when something incredible happened.

An older couple had approached their viewing spot and stood right at the edge. However, there was something different about this couple. The older woman held a cane, but not a walking cane, a blind cane. She couldn’t see, yet her husband had led her all the way to the edge to get a ‘glimpse’ of the beauty.

As Joe told the story of the blind woman, he was brought to tears. We can’t see what Jesus has planned, while that’s so scary and I often become impatient, the story of the blind woman makes me smile. It’s beautiful. If Jesus is holding my hand, there may be a rock I’ll trip over, but there’s a horizon in the distance.

For those of you who know me well, I have a regimented schedule. I work, I eat, and I play lots of basketball. Tonight, was like any other night, instead I arrived home and the power was out. There must have been a massive thunderstorm roll through that I missed, but it was evident, something was up with the power and my apartment was filled with complete darkness.

In my town of Valdese, a power outage never lasted a few hours, so I figured a trip to the gym to ‘hoop’ would cure the power outage. Ironically, I shot lights out in the few games I played, and headed back to my apartment (hoping the power was back on).

I entered in the back stairway of my apartment to find the power was still out, even worse the safety lights had gone out and I had left my phone (flashlight) in my apartment. So, here I was walking in this pitch black stairwell, hugging the wall, and taking each step little by little. Not going to lie, I hate the dark and was very uncomfortable. Then, I remembered the story about the blind woman and the beautiful horizon, oh yeah, and the man who was holding her hand.

Tonight I didn’t call 1-800 POWERON, but I got my “PRAYERON” because there’s a hand walking me towards something beautiful.

~Austin Helms


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