Orientation to Graduation 2.0

Advice from Real College Students

Austin Helms (left) & Savannah Putnam (right)

The college guide

written by real students!

Helms, an entrepreneur at heart, realized after publishing the first version of Orientation to Graduation that his college journey only was only his perspective. He wanted to find someone else to re-write the book, but this time with a whole new perspective. 


Savannah Putnam, is a 2019 college graduate from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Putnam is the epitome of a successful college student. From being a sister in Alpha Chi Omega to the Student Body President of the university, Putnam made the most of every second of college. Her humorous, down-to-earth, and a super hard working nature will help illustrate what it means to live a college journey full of incredible experiences. 


Orientation to Graduation 2.0 is the youngest collaboration of a college guide ever, and the perfect gift or read for any young student heading to college. They'll be more prepared than ever before after reading. 

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